Top 3 Priorities

Experienced Leadership to Move Anchorage Forward

Once on the Assembly, Christopher Constant will continue working to protect our people and property, build tomorrow's infrastructure today and help grow and diversify Anchorage's economy to create jobs. 

Christopher Constant has earned the endorsement of Anchorage's Public Safety unions, he helped create and lead the Fairview Business Association and has succeeded in bringing $4 million to help the most vulnerable of Anchorage's homeless population. 

#1 Public Safety
Public safety concerns for our district include homelessness, community health, fire and police protection and emergency preparedness. I have been working with Mayor Berkowitz, the Assembly, and the State legislature to fund and implement public safety solutions for Anchorage - and I will continue to do everything possible to make sure our neighborhoods are healthy and safe.

#2 Community Infrastructure
The actions we take today shape our community for generations to come. Whether talking about schools, public utilities, roads and drainage, or our transportation systems, I have worked for years to improve infrastructure and achieve the vision of a modern and welcoming city with streets and paths that promote walkability and cycling while looking at public transit solutions that must be part of a long-term, comprehensive plan. I will bring vision, action and accountability to this mission.

#3 Economic Development
The keys to a healthy economy include building sustainable budgets, supporting growth through entrepreneurship and business development. We must create a climate where ample housing construction is meeting the needs of our community so businesses have a strong foundation from which to create jobs and prosper. 

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