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Serving others is at the core of Christopher Constant's approach to life. Over the past decade, Chris has volunteered thousands of hours to make a difference. Whether working with the municipality on public safety, homelessnesses or bringing arts and culture to neighborhoods needing a lift, Chris has worked tirelessly to enhance our community. 

Christopher Constant sells real estate and works for one the the state's leading mental health and substance abuse agencies. He has served on many boards and organizations including the Fairview Business Association and Fairview Community Council - both of which he served terms as president. 

Downtown Transportation Solutions Project
Fairview is the nexus of several major but uncoordinated transportation initiatives. The Glenn to Seward Highway Connection project, A and C Streets, the KABATA Project, the Municipal Transportation Plan, the Municipal Freight Mobility Study and the Gambell Street Revitalization effort all impact downtown neighborhoods, but they are as of yet uncoordinated. This lack of collaboration between these efforts must be sorted through in a Transportation and Land Use plan that brings all parties together for a comprehensive, long-term and viable set of solutions. 

Mayor Ethan Berkowitz Homeless Transition Team
Served as a member of Mayor Berkowtiz's transition team helping to set policy direction with the Mayor's new team. This effort is based on the work of Nancy Burke, the Mayor's Homeless Coordinator, and under the direction of the Mayor. 

Chronic Public Inebriate Anti-Recidivism Funding
Raised $4 million dollars by engaging 12 community councils with UNANIMOUS support. Funds are now on the road providing intensive case management and assertive community treatment to the most vulnerable of downtown Anchorage's homeless people.  

Closure of Spirits of Alaska Liquor Store
Based on the demand of a handful of angry neighbors demanding the closure of all package stores in Fairview, the Fairview Community Council, under my leadership, worked hard to improve the operations of both package stores. After 18 months of effort, the process concluded with a successful protest of the license by the Assembly and the unprecedented closure of a package store. The result has been instantaneous with the elimination of mobs of people from the street at all hours of the day and night. Calls for public safety services have reduced dramatically. 

Gambell Street REdevelopment and Implementation Plan
We have developed a really well-received development plan that unites housing policy with transportation policy to redevelop the Gambell Street corridor into a pedestrian and traffic-friendly corridor that meets development needs and will dovetail with the transportation mega projects planned for the area over the next 35 years. This project is currently tied up in the AMATS process and will require leadership and collaboration to move it forward. 

Fairview Neighborhood Plan
Fairview Community Council worked for years on a locally developed, grassroots plan to guide neighborhood development for the next 20 years. The plan passed through Planning and Zoning and the Anchorage Assembly unanimously. The next step for this effort is to create overlays. Initial implementation is underway. 

Fairview Revitalization Zone - Tax Abatement Initiative
Fairview Business Association crafted the plan to create a tax abatement zone encompassing the most decayed section of the neighborhood. Development has been hamstrung because of uncertainty due to transportation mega projects as well as the lack of a coherent housing development policy. The Tax Abatement effort has been stuck in the regulatory process and requires concerted effort to move forward. 

Negotiated Agreement with Catholic Social Services
Relations between Fairview Community Council and Catholic Social Services had been strained for years. With close collaboration between the Executive Board, a memorandum of agreement has been developed between the two organizations resulting in substantially better communication between parties. Challenges of offsite impacts from the homeless services continue, but now all sides agree on how to resolve issues related to ongoing, endemic problems. 

Fairview Block Party - Neighborhood Rebranding Effort 2009 - 2015
Under my stewardship, the Fairview Community Council created the Fairview Block Party in order to help rebrand the neighborhood and bring a more youthful demographic to the area. With amazing success, we have created a well-branded event. This year, for the first time, we have hired professional assistance to lead the effort - evidence that our efforts have started paying off. 

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