#1: Three Community Pillars

_MG_1862 - Version 2(C) 2010 Lisa J- Seifert36A strong, vibrant and successful Anchorage requires smart, steady leadership focused in three critical areas: public safety, infrastructure and economic development. These are the building blocks of a strong community and essential to protecting and growing an Anchorage we can be proud for generations to come.

Public Safety
I will continue to focus on the homelessness and street inebriation that is taxing our emergency and public safety services. We need to address the underlying causes to find lasting solutions instead of simply treating the symptoms.

When it comes to out-of-control gun violence and the epidemic of drugs in our community, we must employ a multi-pronged strategy of funding needed behavioral health care and re-entry services for offenders while also providing law enforcement with the resources they need to combat these issues. But that’s just part of the solution. As a compassionate society, we have an obligation to do what we can to address these problems in a comprehensive way, making sure our at-risk youth have positive options and role models to lead them down a different, successful path.

I will focus on securing a route for the highway connection that will resolve unanswered transportation and infrastructure questions that are causing blight and threatening to add thousands of trips per day through our residential neighborhoods.

We must keep pace with a growing community to ensure our parks, roads and public spaces are well-maintained.

Economic Development
I will focus on redevelopment of the Gambell Street corridor to provide important economic development opportunities by promoting mixed use higher density housing developments, providing relief from threats to our lower ­density historic neighborhoods.

One of the single most important qualities of a leader is to listen. During my campaign and as your assembly member, I plan to do just that. I look forward to having a discussion and making a difference for all of us.

Share your thoughts, my ears are open!

– Chris Constant